Pastor's Corner for March 2018

Pastor's Corner for March 2018

At this time I would like to write a little about the love of God. The Bible tells us a lot about God’s love. Some Bible passages seem harsh or what could be called “tough love”. God disciplines those He loves. King David got himself in trouble (sin) by disobeying God’s rules but God gave him a choice of punishments. (II Samuel 24:10-14). If anyone disobeys God’s commandments, judgments or statutes then God treats them like a son or a daughter and chastises that person, but it is for their good. (Deuteronomy 8:5, 11-20). We should keep that in mind and in like manner discipline our children, bringing them up in a righteous and loving way. (Hebrews 12:6-11). Our God is teaching us that there is a time for tough love but also a time for tender love. In Psalm 69:16 we find “For thy loving kindness is good; turn unto me according to...thy tender mercies.”

We need to put away our bad behavior. Learn good behavior through the power of the Holy Spirit, and be kind, tender hearted and forgive. This will show people around us God’s love, mercy, and grace.

Our society is sadly lacking trust-worthy love. The divorce rate continually rises. Highway road rage is out of control and many cannot trust even Jehovah’s love. But God’s love is trust-worthy and He keeps His promises. Be sure to read Deuteronomy 7:9 and II Peter 3:9.

We, as true believers in God, should display His steadfast and dependable love “in deed and truth”, I John 3:18-22. Our Godly love should never fail. “Charity (love) never faileth” (I Corinthians 13:8).

Every aspect of life can fail us; people, possessions, pleasures and popularity, but God’s love will not. I Corinthians 13 tells of things that will fail, but in the last verse God tells us that charity (love) is the greatest and above all. In I John 4:7-21, God especially wants to tell us what His love is all about. So in 14 verses God gives us loving words 28 times. It appears He really wanted us to know this.

Pastor Ed
Westside Church of God

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